How Optimole metrics are working

Optimole is a cloud-based image optimization service, all your images will be processed and delivered from our servers. Regarding the two metrics that we count, let me give you an example of what each one means:

  1. Image size quota – it measures the original size of the image. For instance, if you have an image of 1MB when someone views your image, Optimole process the image and delivers back a 100KB image. In this example, the image size quota will get down by 1MB and viewing bandwidth by 100KB
  2. Viewing bandwidth – It measures the size of the images that we send back to your visitors, cached or uncached. For instance in the previous example, when the 2nd user views the same image at the same size and browser, we will decrement just the viewing bandwidth with 100KB as the image will be served from cache and the image size quota won’t be affected.
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