How can I see if my website is actually faster with OptiMole

If you have very fast internet and you are using a desktop, a 30 - 50% difference in image sizes won't really be noticeable in most of the cases, however, the same difference can be painful and can mean 10s of extra loading time for your users on Fast 3G and using a mobile device.

Here is how you can actually simulate various environments and see how much Optimole helps : 

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Right click and Open Inspect

3. Select the Network Tab and then below, Img filter

4. Look for Online dropdown and select Fast 3G

5. Click on the device toggle and select iPhone 6,7,8 for e.g

6.Enter your site in the address bar and click Enter

Here is how it should look like : 

Now repeat the same process, just instead of your website URL, try , using this variable at the end, your site would load without Optimole so you can see the difference. 

If you aren't using Optimole yet and wanna do the test yourself, you can use for e.g vs or you can just replace this and use the same technique to check any website using Optimole and see how much we help, a good example is: vs

By doing those tests ourself we see that we generally save 10s+ of loading time in those particular cases.

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