How to remove the Optimole links from my site

Optimole, by default, restores the original image URLs links when you deactivate the plugin. However, on some particular environments you might need to do some extra steps to remove the cached occurrences:

  1. Are you using a caching plugin or does your hosting provide something like this? If so, make sure to clear the caching that after you deactivate Optimole on your site.
  2. Are you using Elementor on your site? If so, make sure to go to WordPress admin area -> Elementor -> Tools and Regenerate the CSS from the plugin. This needs to be done only once after you have deactivated the plugin.
  3. Are you using Beaver Builder on your site? If so, you will need to go to Settings > Beaver Builder > Tools and click on Clear cache. This needs to be done only deactivated the plugin.

If none of those does solve your issue, you can always ask for help on from support team.

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