How does Optimole count the number of visits?

Each visitor to your site is counted as a unique daily user, regardless of their actions (how many images they download or how many pages they visit) or how often they return on the same day.

🔍 How can you check it?

You can access the analytics on the Optimole Dashboard, which displays the total number of visits. Upon logging in to the Optimole page, you'll find visitor-related metrics, along with date range filters to help you follow the metrics closely.

If you monitor the visits to your website with Google Analytics - data might be similar in some cases; however, for accurate data, we recommend you check your server logs and count the unique IP + user data (your hosting provider can guide you more on how to find those).

Our plans all have generous allowances for visits according to their tier.

  • Free plans can optimize images for 1,000 monthly visits before needing a paid plan.
  • Starter plan can optimize images for 40,000 monthly visits.
  • Business plans can optimize images starting from 100,000 monthly visits.

📝 Note: Find out more about the pricing plans here.

💡 What are the benefits of counting visits?

  • Counting visits is a simpler way to show how Optimole uses its resources.
  • Finding the right pricing plan is easier, and you won’t face any miscalculations.
  • You can freely use more images and larger sizes without concerns about running out of optimization capacity or bandwidth. We believe this measurement will give you more confidence to make changes to your site without worrying about optimizations and bandwidth. 
  • There are no penalties for having visitors stay on your site for a longer duration.
  • It’s clear and aligns with the other analytics you are tracking. Using Optimole usage statistics, we track the number of website visitors, which can help you track your usage as part of your site-wide tracking. 

⚙️ Why the number of visits is different from what is shown in Google Analytics?

It’s possible that the data that you see in Optimole for the number of visits does not fully align with data for the same site reported by other sources such as Google Analytics and web server logs.

Our plugin takes the IP address and user agent of the visitor into consideration when counting visits.
For instance, Google Analytics and other online analytics programs use JavaScript on the internet browser to track visitors. Therefore, Google Analytics doesn't record  threats, bots, and automated crawlers as those requests typically do not trigger JavaScript. Users with adblockers might also not be included.

Moreover, these services do not track visitors who disable JavaScript on their browser or who leave a page before it fully loads while such visitors are counted by Optimole.

Optimole also excludes  known bots and crawlers; however, it could happen that your metrics were affected by an unknown bot or crawler; In such a case, please contact us, and we will investigate.

To summarize, in most cases, the number of unique visitors that you see in Optimole's dashboard is greater than you will see in Google Analytics; as explained above this happens because when another site or service like a bot, plugin, or API is consuming partial content from your site (but not loading a full page), this counts as a unique visitor in Optimole while it doesn't count as a pageview in Google Analytics.

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