Can not connect to Optimole

Issues to check if you can't connect to Optimole

1. Make sure cURL and SSL are upgraded and installed correctly on your server. Usually they are but sometimes they might not be updated by the server administrator.

2. Check that the server can access Optimole. To do this you need to run a command from your server terminal:

curl -X POST \ \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer <userapi>'

You can find the <userapi> inside after you log in inside your account.

The command should return a status code of 200 if everything is working.

3. Last step if you encounter an error referencing stream_socket_client() or SSL you should first get in contact with your system administrator, it might be that a library is missing or needs updateing.

If none of the issues solve the problem for you please feel free to get in contact with us on

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