Why Optimole is not able to download the images from my site?

Sometimes due to various reasons, Optimole is not able to download the images in order to optimize them. 

Usually, these issues can be caused by: 

  1. You are using a non-public website ( localhost, intranet, etc ). Optimole requires access to your images in order for us to download them and in order to do so, we need the image URLs to be accessible from our end.
  2. You are running a password-protected site. We will need unrestricted access to your images in order to download them. If you would like to open this for Optimole service, we use this user-agent: Optimole(1.0) which you can add to your allowed list.
  3. You are using a firewall that blocks Optimole from downloading the images. In order to fix this, you would need to allow this user agent to access the images: Optimole(1.0) unrestricted. 
  4. The image is no longer available. Sometimes the images are no longer available on your server but you still link them in your content. Since those no longer exist, Optimole is don't have the ability to download them hence the optimization fails. 
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