Error Diagnosis Tool

To enhance user experience further, Optimole has an  inbuilt troubleshooting mechanism that should help you identify any possible issues with your website using Optimole. This tool is a troubleshooting mechanism designed to identify and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring your website operates at peak efficiency.

🔌 Enable the Feature

To enable this feature, navigate to WP  Dashboard > Optimole.


Navigate to WP Dashboard > Optimole.


Switch to the Settings tab.


Open the General panel and enable the corresponding toggle.


Make sure you save the changes.

🚀 User Site and Image Impact

After enabling this option, you will find the Optimole debugger option in the admin bar (make sure you log in as admin) while previewing the website. 


Hover over the Optimole debugger option.


Click on the  Troubleshoot this page option to open the analyzer.

If any issue is detected in this process, please take a screenshot and contact us here.

🔄 Benefits and Trade-offs


  • Fast Issue Resolution - enabling the Error Diagnosis Tool allows you to quickly find and fix website problems. 
  • Time and Effort Efficiency - the Error Diagnosis Tool saves time and effort by simplifying the troubleshooting process. Instead of spending hours deciphering problems, it quickly identifies issues, allowing users to focus on finding solutions efficiently.


  • Resource Utilization - continuous monitoring and diagnosis uses system resources. Although Optimole aims for minimal impact on website performance, there might be a slight increase in resource utilization when the Error Diagnosis Tool is active.

🧩 Use Cases

The feature can be very advantageous for multiple use cases, such as:

  • Performance Issues - if your website suddenly experiences a drop in performance, the Error Diagnosis Tool can pinpoint the exact issue, whether it's related to image optimization or other factors affecting loading speed.
  • Image Optimization Problems - Optimole specializes in image optimization, and sometimes, glitches might occur during the optimization process. This tool can detect any problems, ensuring your images are compressed without compromising quality.
  • Compatibility Issues - websites often use various plugins and technologies. Compatibility problems can arise due to conflicts between these elements. The Error Diagnosis Tool can identify such conflicts, allowing you to streamline your website's functionality. 

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