How to Disable the Autoscale Feature for Certain Images?

In Optimole, there is a common toggle to enable scale images and lazy load in Optimole > Settings > General.

You can disable scaling images and keep lazy loading, but this is a global option that can be found under Optimole > Settings > Advanced > Lazyload, and it will be applied to all images:

If you want to keep lazy loading and scale images active but disable scale images for a certain image, you can do that by using the optimole-lazy-only CSS class. Using this dedicated class will ensure the lazy loading of the specific images but will prevent resizing them. This will result in the images having the original size.

To do that, navigate to the pages where those images appear, select the desired images, and apply this CSS class:

Disable scale image in Gutenberg

Disable scale image in Elementor

📝 Note: For adding a custom class to the image in Elementor, we used this plugin.


Before adding the CSS class

After adding the CSS class

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