How to Force Manual Cropping in Optimole?

One important thing to note is that the smart cropping feature automatically detects the most appealing part of the image and uses it as the center of the cropped version. However, there may be situations where the algorithm's selection  doesn't match what we consider the most engaging part of the image.

In such cases, you can  manually force the desired part of the image to be displayed.


Download this site-specific plugin.


Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.


Install and activate it as a regular plugin.


Navigate to Plugins > Plugin File Editor.


Select the Optimole skip smart cropping plugin.


Change the gravity of particular images by  replacing the 'image-filename' parameter with the name of the desired image file without extension; see the example below.

📝 Note: If you want to explore more behaviors, you can replace the 'Optml_Resize::GRAVITY_CENTER' with any of the options listed here.

Using Smart Cropping

Using Manual Cropping

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