Usage Policy

Image Hosting, Transformations, and Traffic

At Optimole, we offer comprehensive solutions for image hosting, transformations, and traffic management to enhance your website's visual and operational efficiency. Our plans are designed with unmetered image hosting, transformations, and traffic, which means there are no fixed limits on the number of images hosted, the transformations conducted, or the traffic to your website.

Fair Usage and Normal Operations: While our resources are substantial, they are not limitless. We anticipate our customers to utilize these resources within the scope of typical website operations. Over 99.95% of our customers fall within these normal usage parameters.

Monitoring and Guidelines: We routinely monitor usage patterns to define what constitutes 'normal' operation. These benchmarks are subject to periodic review and adjustments in line with evolving customer usage trends. If your usage significantly exceeds these norms, indicating atypical use such as hosting an excessive number of high-resolution images, performing numerous transformations, or generating unusually high traffic, we will reach out with a notice for you to adjust your usage.

Compliance with Terms of Service

While we do not impose strict bandwidth or storage limits, adherence to our Terms of Service is mandatory. Usage patterns that greatly exceed the norms of personal or small business websites might be subject to review and action.

Notification and Adjustment for Excessive Usage

Exceeding Normal Usage: If your account's image hosting, transformations, or traffic usage raises concerns, you will be notified via email. We aim to provide at least a 48-hour notice for you to make the necessary adjustments.

Unusual Activities: Instances of excessive usage are often related to using the account for large multimedia file storage or extensive file sharing. These activities are not the intended uses of our services. For high bandwidth or large storage needs, we offer specialized plans and encourage contacting us for more information.

Unlimited Features and Technical Boundaries

Our plans may include unlimited features like image transformations and traffic. However, these are subject to the technological limits and available resources of your account. Customers operating within our Terms of Service have not encountered technical boundaries for these features under normal operation

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