Visits based plan

Your Optimole plan allows you to serve unlimited optimized images to 1,000/40,000/100,000 monthly visits, depending on which tier you are subscribed to. 

📝 Note: You can unlock 20.000 more visits by enabling the Optimole badge on your website. You can find more information here.

We do not use image optimizations or bandwidth to determine our pricing. This means your image optimizations and bandwidth are essentially unlimited. We say essential, but there are some limits; you can read about our fair use in this section.

How does Optimole measure my usage?

In the simplest terms, we only count the number of unique daily users who visit your site. We tally them up and add them to your Monthly Visits quota.

This means your quota is not impacted by:

  • Amount of optimized images (storage)
  • Images downloaded by users
  • Optimization of images
  • Pages visited by users
  • Design, image, or layout changes
  • Users who return more than once in a single day

What constitutes a visit?

A unique user visiting your site doesn't matter how many pages he visits or if he returns on the same day. It doesn’t matter what they do on your site, how many images they download, or how many pages they visit.

How can you check it?

We have changed the analytics in the dashboard so you can see how many users we have tallied. If you log in to the Optimole page, you will see metrics related to visits. Both have a date range filters to help you follow the metrics closely.

The data should match the visits data you can find in Google Analytics.

Our plans all have generous allowances for visits according to their tier.

  • The free plan can optimize images for 1,000 monthly visits before needing a paid plan.
  • The starter plan can optimize images for 40,000 monthly visits
  • Business plans can optimize images starting from 100,000 monthly visits.

Why the change?

If you started with Optimole prior to September 2019, then you will remember the measurement was based on image size and viewing bandwidth. We found that this measurement was a bad match for both users and Optimole as a service.

We have decided to follow the same pricing model as most hosting companies. We see Optimole as a hosting service for your images. We’ve found that the highest impact on resources occurs at X number of users. It makes sense to measure your usage based on when you will impact resources.

Simply put, it is a better measure of your impact on our resources. 

We also wanted to have a familiar pricing model which could be  both easily verified and understood. In most cases, website owners are regularly monitoring the number of users they attract in a month. Now you can also use this metric to track your use of Optimole and prepare for any changes.

Measuring by users means we have a fairer system for all users. Charging for images transferred or optimized was unfair because it punished you for keeping people on your site. Optimole is designed to help you grow, and with this unique user approach, Optimole is more aligned with your needs. 

We see Optimole as your tool for delivering a faster site, not simply for optimizing individual images. Charging per user makes sense for everyone: big sites, smaller sites, and Optimole itself. 

What are the benefits?

Measuring users is a much easier way to explain the usage and how impacts the resources Optimole has available. 

  • Finding the right plan is easy, and you won’t be a victim of any miscalculations.
  • You can use more images and larger sizes without worrying about running out of optimizations or bandwidth. 
  • We believe this new measurement will give you more confidence to make changes to your site without worrying about optimizations and bandwidth. 
  • You don’t get punished for keeping users on your site longer. 
  • It’s clear and aligns with the other analytics you are tracking. Your user numbers are the most important number for you, and our measure helps you track your usage as part of your site-wide tracking. 

What happens if you go over the user count?

In the event that you go over your monthly user quota, we will notify you via email and ask you to consider an upgrade. We will give you time to consider evaluating the upgrade. If you are using a premium plan, the upgrade will happen automatically in order to avoid the continuous operation of the service. If you are using the free account, you will need to upgrade the account manually. 

If you choose not to upgrade, you will have a few days to stop and remove Optimole since we will be stopping access to the optimized images permanently. 

How many optimizations can you use each month?

For all of our packages, the optimization and viewing bandwidth are  unlimited, meaning you will not be billed according to the number of optimizations or bandwidth you use. 

We want to help you grow your site, and we believe you should be able to use Optimole with confidence that it will deliver in most circumstances. 

However, we do ask that you comply with our Terms of Service and use Optimole in a manner that is consistent with the normal operation of a website. If you exceed this measure, then we will send you an email asking you to consider an upgrade. Your service will not be disrupted until you have had time to consider an upgrade (48 hours).

What is considered the normal operation or fair use within a website?

We are constantly monitoring customer bandwidth and image data as part of our statistical analyses. We use the results from this to define “normal operation”. While the results change from month to month, we have found that 99.95% of our customers fall into the “normal” range. 

If you have any questions about the measurements, then please open a ticket and we will be happy to help you.

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