GIF to Video conversion

This feature automatically converts GIFs into Video files, improving web performance and providing a seamless user experience. By transforming GIFs into MP4 and WebM formats, Optimole optimizes loading times and delivers engaging content effortlessly.

🔌 Enable the Feature

To enable this feature, navigate to WP  Dashboard > Optimole.


Open the Settings tab.


Expand the Advanced accordion and open the Compression panel.


Use the toggle to enable GIF to Video conversion.

🚀 User Site and Image Impact

By converting GIFs into optimized video formats (MP4 and WebM), the files are significantly smaller in size. This reduction in size results in faster loading times, enhancing the overall user experience without compromising the essence of the original GIF content.

  • We extract the first frame to use as a placeholder and a base for the low-quality image used for lazy-loading.
  • We convert GIFs to WebM and MP4.
  • If the `<video/>` tag is NOT used, we try to serve WebP and lazy-load like a regular image.
  • If the `<video/>` tag IS used, we use the first frame as a poster image and let the Browser decide what source to use, WebM or MP4.  

📝  Note: Use the GIF to video option if you do not have any custom styling that is only available for the </img> tag since it will further improve your page speed.

🔄 Benefits and Trade-offs


  • Optimized loading speed - converting GIFs into MP4 and WebM videos significantly reduces file sizes.
  • Universal compatibility - MP4 and WebM videos are widely supported across various devices, browsers, and operating systems.


  • Quality adjustments - while MP4 and WebM formats maintain high visual quality, extremely complex details in GIFs might experience slight adjustments during the conversion process.

🧩 Use Cases

The feature can be very advantageous for multiple use cases, such as:

  • Multimedia websites - websites that rely on multimedia content, such as GIF animations, infographics, or videos, benefit especially from this feature.
  • Social media integration - websites integrated with social media platforms frequently share GIFs to engage social media audiences.
  • Mobile applications - mobile apps often incorporate GIFs to create interactive user interfaces or showcase product features.

  • Automatic Best Image Format Selection - doc
  • Scale images & Lazy loading - doc

🗂Useful Resources

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