How to Edit Optimole Images inside the WP Editor?

📝 Note: This behavior is part of the Cloud Library Browsing feature. You can learn more about it from this doc.

If you are familiar with the Optimole Dashboard, editing images inside the WordPress Editor will be a very similar experience. It allows you to adjust and resize images, use filters, or watermarks directly from the plugin.


First, make sure you have enabled the Cloud Library Browsing option inside Optimole > Settings > Cloud Library


Then, navigate to a post/page where you want to insert images.


Click on the plus button to insert the Image block.


Switch to the Optimole tab, and you will see all the images stored there.


Use the three dots (or right-click on the image) to open settings.


Click on the Edit option.


After making the desired adjustments, make sure you click on the Insert Image button.

📝 Note: Please note that you need to clear cached images in order to see the watermark being applied.


This panel contains resize options, such as controls for width and height. An important setting here is the Gravity dropdown, which allows you to choose which part of the original image Optimole will retain, despite cropping, scaling, or padding options that may be applied.

The last field contains the customized URL of the resized image, allowing you to effortlessly copy and paste it onto another page without the need for further image editing:


This panel offers you access to image enhancement choices, such as blur, sharpen, or pixelate. Once you adjust these, the corresponding URL will contain specific parameters.


The adjustment tab contains the basic image editing options, including brightness, contrast, and saturation.


The last panel is linked to the Optimole Dashboard's Watermark panel, where you have to create watermarks. The important aspect is that you don't need to set rules in order to use it inside the editor on individual images.

📝 Note: You can learn more about creating watermarks from this dedicated doc.

Once you have already created watermarks inside the dashboard, you can select them while individually editing a photo. Apart from this, you can adjust its  opacity and rescale it to have a suitable size. The position dropdown provides various placement options to suit your preferences.

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