Cloud Library Browsing

After enabling this option you will be able to browse all images from your Optimole account from the current site. 

You are also able to choose from which of your sites you will see the images so you can easily pick and reuse images from your other sites.

You will be able to see the images inside the media modal and use them on your site. The images will not be stored on your server and will be served from our global CDN. Only the URL of an image will be used on your pages. 

Enable offloading images and offload existing images

If you want to store images in our CDN and remove them from your server you can toggle the "Enable offloading images" option (Nr. 2 in the screenshot) and also click "Sync images" next to "Offload existing images" (Nr. 1 in the screenshot) to transfer all your existing images from your server to our CDN.
We use wp_generate_attachment_metadata hook to offload every new image that is uploaded to the server so as long as "Enable offloading images" is toggled to Enabled - your new images are always being offloaded to our CDN.

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