Lazy loading for Embedded Videos and Iframes

Optimole's Lazy Loading for Embedded Videos and Iframes feature is a smart solution designed to improve your website's performance. When activated, this feature ensures that videos and iframes are loaded only when they are visible to your visitors rather than all at once. This means that it waits until someone is about to watch a video or view embedded content before loading it. This makes your web pages become faster and more responsive, creating a smooth and uninterrupted experience for your visitors.

🔌 Enable the Feature

To enable this feature, navigate to WP  Dashboard > Optimole.


Open the Settings tab.


Expand the Advanced accordion and open the Lazyload panel.


Use the toggle to enable  Lazy Loading for Embedded Videos and Iframes.

🚀 User Site and Image Impact

Lazy-loading videos and iframes improves website speed, enhances user experience, conserves bandwidth, and optimizes mobile browsing efficiency.

Once enabled, you can use the Inspect tool to the data-opt-lazy-loaded = "true"  parameter, which confirms your videos and iframes are being lazy-loaded by Optimole.

🔄 Benefits and Trade-offs


  • Faster Page Loading
  • Optimized Mobile Browsing
  • Decreased Server Load


  • Potential Delays in Content Availability

🧩 Use Cases

The feature can be very valuable for multiple use cases, such as:

  • Media-rich websites - websites with extensive multimedia content, such as video galleries, benefit from lazy loading to ensure fast loading times and improved user experience.
  • Long-scrolling pages - websites with lengthy, scrollable content, like blogs or news articles, benefit as lazy loading maintains quick loading speeds, allowing users to seamlessly navigate through the content.
  • E-commerce platforms - e-commerce sites with product videos and interactive elements optimize user experience by lazy loading videos and iframes, ensuring swift access to product information without delays.

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🗂Useful Resources

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