What is a Retina image and how to check Optimole is serving the Retina images?

A Retina image is an image created specifically to look sharp on a Retina display. In Retina Displays, you get double the pixels in the same amount of space as you would with a traditional display. 

Enable the Option

To serve the Retina image, enable the Retina images option in Optimole settings ( Advanced > Resize ).

📝 Note: You need to have our lazyload enabled for images to be optimized for retina displays.

How to check Retina images are being served by the Optimole

Check the image by doing the inspect element, and you will see “dpr:2.0” parameter in the image URL served by the Optimole. For reference, please check the below image.

🗂 Useful Resources

If you want to learn more about Retina images, check the following links:

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