What happens when you deactivate Optimole?

URLs Replacement

When you deactivate/remove the plugin from your site, the image URLs will be reverted to the original URLs, and the images will serve from your own server. 

Original URL

Optimole URL

404 Error - Offloaded Images

It happens when you have used Optimole's Cloud Library feature and offloaded the images to the cloud. To prevent this thing, you will need to roll back the images to your server before deactivating the plugin. There is a button in Optimole's settings that allows you to roll back the images from the cloud to your server: screenshot.

If you have already deactivated the plugin without rolling back the images, you need to activate the Optimole plugin again and roll back the images to the server. If it doesn't work, please make sure that your Optimole's API key is active in the plugin settings.

To disconnect Optimole from your site, if you have removed a domain from  Optimole's Dashboard > Allowed Domains, the images for that domain will return a 404 error. You need to keep your website URL whitelisted to rollback the images.

Cached Resources

We have created a detailed guide to explain how you can remove the cached optimole links from your site. You can check it here: https://docs.optimole.com/article/1090-how-to-remove-the-optimole-links-from-my-site

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