Smart Cropping

The Smart Cropping feature in Optimole automatically identifies the most important or "interesting" part of an image. When the image is resized or needs to fit into a different shape or dimension, this feature ensures that the interesting part stays in the center and is visible rather than getting cut off.

🔌 Enable the Feature

To enable this feature, navigate to WP  Dashboard > Optimole.


Open the Settings tab.


Expand the Advanced accordion and open the Resize panel.


Use the toggle to enable Smart Cropping.

🚀 User Site and Image Impact

In the following image, you can see how the image is cropped before and after enabling smart cropping:

🔄 Benefits and Trade-offs


  • focus on key points - using this algorithm, instead of randomly cropping an image and cutting off important parts, Smart Cropping ensures that the most meaningful part of the picture remains visible.
  • automated efficiency - this feature allows you to adjust images so that the best part is showing without your manual intervention, saving the website's maintenance time.


  • subjectivity - sometimes, the most interesting part determined by the algorithm might not align with your needs. In such cases, you can force manual cropping, and here is a guide that can help you with this.
  • loss of full image - while Smart Cropping focuses on the most important part, it might cut off other sections of the image that could also be relevant or add context.

🧩 Use Cases

The Smart Cropping feature can be very advantageous for multiple use cases, such as:

  • e-commerce websites (online shops) - smart cropping will focus on the product itself rather than the background. In this way, visitors will see what is most relevant, which could lead to higher sales.
  • photography portfolios - photographers might enjoy displaying their photos in different sizes on their portfolios. Smart Cropping helps highlight the key parts of each photo, saving photographers from manual adjustments.
  • news/blogging websites - featured article images come in different sizes, so smart cropping can automatically adapt them to highlight the most captivating sections.
  • online menus for restaurants - dish photos can be smartly cropped to emphasize the main course, excluding less important elements like the table or other dishes, making the food look more delicious.
  • educational websites - when displaying educational material like diagrams or charts, Smart Cropping ensures the most important parts of these images take the spotlight, improving the learning experience.

This feature is developed for use with images that have been resized, such as thumbnails, where the typical practice is to crop the image to a specific size. For other cases, check these related settings:

  • Add New Image Crop Size - doc

🗂Useful Resources

These guides could offer valuable insights:

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