What Subscription Do I Need?

📝 Note: To purchase any Optimole plan, please refer to this section.

Choosing the right subscription should be chosen based on your traffic and the number of images that you use on your site:

Features Free Starter 
Business (100K)
Business (100K+)
Monthly Visits 1 000 40 000 100 000 250K - 3M
CDN Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Custom Domain No No Yes Yes 
Support 48h 12-24h 12h + Chat Support 12h + Chat Support
Auto Scaled Images Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Machine Learning Compression Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unmetered Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Unlimited Sites Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Images Yes Yes Yes Yes
AVIF Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Lazy-Loading Yes Yes Yes Yes
30 min Onboarding Call No No No Yes

📝 Note: You can unlock 20.000 more visits by enabling the Optimole badge on your website. You can find more information here.

For a detailed example of how Optimole quota is calculated, you can check this document.

If you require more resources at a later stage, upgrading to a larger plan is always an option.
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